Room for improvement

Writer, Londonphile and intimidatingly prolific blogger Christopher Fowler recently noted my post on the London terraced house on his own excellent blog, adding intriguingly that:

‘Looking into the subject a bit more, I found that the terraced rooms and gardens are all percentages of those [9th century] measurements, making everything look neat and tidy even when it’s not.’

His recommended related reading on the subject is Harry Mount‘s ‘A Lust for Window Sills: A Lover’s Guide to British Buildings from Portcullis to Pebble Dash’.

3 responses to “Room for improvement

  1. Fowler’s site is what led me to yours. I’m a huge fan of his, and now, yours!

  2. Mr Fowler makes reference to the “arse-end of the Holloway Road”. Which end is your money on? Archway or Highbury.

  3. Hi Lisa, Welcome to the Great Wen.

    BB, I think Holloway Road is one of those with an arsehole at both ends.

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