Now that’s what I call a bus trip, baby

Psychedelic Routemaster, from The Day-Glo Designer’s Guide, 1969.


7 responses to “Now that’s what I call a bus trip, baby

  1. Woah, that’s trippy as hell. Like a psychedelic Magic School Bus from London.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Peter Stone (@LondonStone)

    Perfect for a Summer Holiday and a Magical Mystery Tour.

  3. Eat yo’ heart out, Boris!!!

  4. Reblogged this on culturelites and commented:
    All dressed up and bussing around!

  5. woweee
    that bus looks like its straight out of the 60s
    so retro

  6. Its not a routemaster , and probably was never so described in 1969. reminds me of some of the colourful colours of some indian and sri lankan owner operator buses. reminds us of others of the batch :

    lowbridge Bristol K6A JFM 90, delivered new to Crosville in 1949 as MB337, becoming DKA337 in the later renumbering process.

    As soon as it had been delivered, it was whisked off with 29 others to serve with London Transport, in order to fill a shortage of buses in the capital during 1949-50. Allotted initially to West Green garage (working routes 144 Ilford – Turnpike Lane, and 144a Enfield – Muswell Hill), it was later moved to Dalston and operated ‘south of the river’. So JFM 90 (probably unknown to its present owners) can genuinely claim to be a “London Bus” !

    It returned to Crosville in 1950, but early in 1966 it was withdrawn from service and began another adventure. Along with sister buses DKA319 and DKA 327 (JFM 72 and 80), both of which had also worked in London, JFM 90 was exported to Canada.

    There have been no reports (so far as source knew ) of JFM 80 since a sighting in Detroit in 1969. Meanwhile JFM 72 was last seen in a British Columbia scrapyard in 1997.

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