Harry Redknapp lends a hand

Possibly the only interesting sentence that has ever been written about Harry Redknapp appeared 40 years ago, when Redknapp was playing West Ham. It goes:

‘It is said that when West Ham were fighting Coventry at Coventry station last year, Billy Bonds and the inevitable Harry Redknapp came along to lend a hand.’

This appears almost as an aside in Chris Lightbown’s seminal article Football Gangs in Time Out in April 1972, which looked at the mobs that followed the four big London clubs: Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham.

Did Redknapp really join in a ruck in 1971? This should surely be the first question put to him if he ends up getting the England job.


2 responses to “Harry Redknapp lends a hand

  1. Is that really what the sentence implies? In context “lend a hand” *could* mean that Bonds and Redknapp came along to deal with the hooligans. If it really suggests he’s a fighter, not a lover, then I’m surprised that no writ was issued. Of course, it might help if Harry could read and write…

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