Six London landmarks in music videos

1 ‘Golden Brown’ by The Stranglers at Leighton House.

2 ‘Wannabe’ by The Spice Girls at Midland Grand Hotel.

3 ‘No Way No Way’ by Vanilla at Brockwell Lido.

4 ‘Blood In My Eyes’ by Bob Dylan at Camden Market.

5 ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ by Chemical Brothers at the Natural History Museum.

6 ‘The Medal Song’ by Culture Club at Stamford Bridge.


6 responses to “Six London landmarks in music videos

  1. No.5
    and at Ministry of Sound too….

  2. Love #5, one of my favourite videos ever.

  3. Wot, no Come On Eileen on Brook Drive, near the Imperial War Museum?

  4. That was very nearly on there Baldassaro.

  5. Nice to see Brockwell Lido featured. It’s just a shame it is in the same video as one of the worst pieces of ‘music’ I’ve been unfortunate to listen to.

  6. You forgot Christmas lights, by Coldplay. What’s better than that? 😉

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