Maps round-up

A quick post on maps. I have a small piece in the Independent about the Museum of London and Londonist’s forthcoming collaboration, Hand-Drawn London. This exhibition, opening on April 21, features maps drawn by Londoners.

I submitted a map drawn by four-year-old daughter of her daily walk to nursery, but it was harshly rejected. I have reproduced it here.

I have also been posting fairly regularly on maps at the Time Travel Explorer blog. Recent posts have included one on London’s first lido and another on London’s forgotten exhibition.


3 responses to “Maps round-up

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing this exhibition. I too submitted maps that weren’t chosen. I still believe the kids have talent. 😉

  2. Pete: try submitting here instead – – Lots of good maps to look at, and I’m guessing this is where the idea for the Museum of London exhibition comes from?

  3. In fact, just looking at their website now and I see you are on their twitter feed. They love the map!

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