Sad news for South London

Jason Cobb, one of south London’s finest bloggers and a hyperlocal hero, is leaving London, defeated by the relentless pace of life in the city and fearful of ‘becoming what I despise – a right wing bigot’.

Just about the only people who will be relieved by his departure will be Lambeth Council, who have regularly been held to rigorous scrutiny by his wonderful Stockwell-based Onion Bag Blog.

Jason was also tremendously helpful and encouraging when I decided to set up my own blog, for which I am forever grateful.

Wivenhoe doesn’t know what’s about to hit it.

7 responses to “Sad news for South London

  1. Wivenhoe, twinned with Stockwell…

    I propose a transpontine revolutionary ten-day week of mourning.

  2. I got to know Jason through his love, for lack of a better word, of local sport. I didn’t know what blogging was until I met him, & it opened up my eyes to the internet, being a self avowed ‘technophobe’. I don’t ‘wordyblog’ now, as I concentrate on my football & beermat ones, mainly. But when I had some problems in my life (not that it’s perfect now!) blogging was very theraputic, & kept me relatively sane.
    Best wishes to him in the wilderness of Wivenhoe, & I hope he pops along to Wivenhoe Town for his fix!

  3. It seems that quite a few bloggers are leaving London….Тhe relentless pace of life in the city is one reason; the relentless amount of water coming down from the sky is another.

    Good luck to both Cobb and Wivenhoe!

  4. …or most bloggers are middle class/have middle class roots & can afford to move out, while ‘professing to love London’. Meanwhile true working class Londoners stay behind.

  5. What a most peculiar statement to make, linking blogging with the class war.

  6. Christopher Thompson

    Wivenhoe does know!

  7. London’s loss is fast becoming Wivenhoe’s gain!

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