Is it racist to hate seagulls?

Somebody recently arrived at my blog having Googled ‘hating seagulls is like being racist’.

I am unconvinced by this argument. I had never really thought about it before, but I will now say unequivocally that no, hating seagulls is not like being racist.

However, I do think that hating Canada Geese is a bit like being racist, which is a problem because I hate Canada Geese.

Although I don’t actually want to do this to them.

I hope this helps.


5 responses to “Is it racist to hate seagulls?

  1. Are you feeling OK today Peter or has the London Tonight interview done something odd to your brain?

  2. It’s definitely not racist to hate seagulls, I mean really, who actually likes them?!

    Loving that photo of the seagull at the top though.

  3. Nasty characters. We’ve had to stop taking dear daughter to Carshalton ponds to feed the ducks as the seagulls (and geese, actually) that frequent the place are horribly aggressive.

    Come the glorious day, they’re on the list.

  4. I think you are confusing issue.

    Canada Geese is perfectly alright to hate and kill. Indian Bison or African elephants or Chinese cabbage are another ballgame altogether – steer clear.

    -A Mumbaikar in London

  5. I just dropped by for the first time.
    I was perfectly fine enjoying myself singing to My White Bicycle,and then the dead bodies. What on earth is going on to let you shoot that many geese ??

    Seems like something is not quite right here..

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