The essence of football

David Brooks gets it:

‘Soccer is a sport perfectly designed to reinforce a tragic view of the universe, because basically it is a long series of frustrations leading up to near certain heartbreak.’

From the New York Times.

One response to “The essence of football

  1. Yeah…Guys (and girls that like football)! I really don’t envy you right now. Frustration, heartbreak – it’s tough times, the World Cup. But hey, so much emotion is kind of sexy to witness, and to be honest, I wish there was even more. What’s this, the binary World Cup?! 0-0, 1-0, 0-1….I want to see more more more. I want to see you driven crazy. I am cruel like that! Let’s just hope that this Friday I will get what I wish for 🙂

    Go USA! Go England!

    (Bulgaria, sadly, didn’t qualify)

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