Ghost street


I walk past this corner at least twice every day but only recently noticed the ghost sign painted above the newer enamel one. I assume it was previously covered up, otherwise I’m sure I’d have spotted it at some point in the past five years. Perhaps the jutting pipe points to recent usage.

Much as I like a painted street sign, this one is particularly interesting as it dates back to a time when the street – a short stub of road – had a different name entirely. According to Steve Chambers, who knows about such things, this was one of three name changes in the area – including the eradication of the similar Hamilton Terrace on Shakespeare Road – brought about to tidy up postal addresses.

The ghost sign for the ghost street sits opposite a ghost pub. Hamilton Supermarket occupies the site of the Hamilton Arms, a cosy corner pub opened in 1878 that was captured magnificently in these old photos. It closed in 2004.


hamilton supermarket

4 responses to “Ghost street

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  2. The people on Hamilton Terrace got lucky — presumably they now receive their mail routinely. I imagine you know about the crazy naming and numbering of Florence Villas in the middle of Milton Road .. postal/take away deliveries, taxis: all a wayward nightmare apparently.

  3. Take a look at Google Street View wound back to 2012 – the Mumford Road sign was the thing covering the painted one. You must be right – the current sign had to make way for the pipe!

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