The Special London Bridge Special

This sensational slice of ham and song was made in 1972 to celebrate the purchase of London Bridge by an American theme park. It features a bizarre cast that includes Tom Jones, Rudolf Nureyev, The Carpenters, Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston and Terry-Thomas and is basically the film the Olympic opening ceremony could have been.

It’s all here, but watch the intro especially, featuring Tom Jones singing his way round various London landmarks before engaging in a small slice of double entendre on a No 13 bus.


3 responses to “The Special London Bridge Special

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  2. The Bus is RT 935 (JXN 325) Which is I think in private ownership in the Basingstoke area , and may have been with Ted Brakell or one of the film hire companies in 1972 , as being an RT3 type probably would have been withdrawn from general London Transport Ownership a bit earlier in the 70s.

  3. The bus used in Lake Havasu (not london scenes) was purchased by Lake Havasu in 1971 before the bridge was opened – it was a news event in the lake havasu Hera;ld at the time. It was used in multiple other Havasu publicity events

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