Photos: Young London, Permissive Paradise, 1969

These photographs of London in the late 1960s are a wonderful commentary on the scene of the time. Frank Habicht, who also took some great images of the Rolling Stones, is particularly adept at drawing out the contrasts between the carefree young and the more traditional side of the city. Enjoy.

All photographs are from Frank Habicht’s Young London, Permissive Paradise (1969)

6 responses to “Photos: Young London, Permissive Paradise, 1969

  1. These are great. I particularly love the bare-nekkid lady in the window with the dangling legs above.

  2. Very nice, Peter. Looks like a great book.
    Tony P. (_TwistedLip on Twitter).

  3. Like to find a reasonably priced copy!

  4. Hehe, old 70’s. I think we as other generation people, will never be able to understand the flower power age. I think 70’s , 80’s even 90’s had their specific beauty. Now in the XXI century we enjoy other things, like .. technology for example…

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  6. Melodye Buskin

    Had this book many years ago and gave it to a friend. Sorry I did. It was nice to see the photos again after all these years. Thanks for posting.

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