Stamford Bridge in 1979

For people like me, there are few things more emotive than an empty football ground, filmed in 1979 in flickery Super-8 and overlayed by a haunting soundtrack. It’s like Simon Inglis’s first volume of ‘Football Grounds Of Great Britain’ come to life.

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2 responses to “Stamford Bridge in 1979

  1. Ah, Simon Inglis. Now you are talking. I remember from his Football Grounds of Europe book that he says he toured the continent for four years researching and writing his masterpiece. What a great job…! We used to have a Simon Inglis inspired wall at work: everytime someone went out for a site visit we’d take a phot of the local football ground and stick it up. We had some great ones on there: Cambridge Utd, Woking, Huddersfield. White Hart Lane was of course the centerpiece… 😉 A bit sad and geeky? Yes. but who cares…!

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