Great Foods of London No 1: Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs

I must have walked past this shop on Oxford Street hundreds if not thousands of times. Yet it’s only now that I ask: who is Beard Papa? What is a cream puff? Why would anybody eat one? Are they really fresh? ‘N natural? Why are they advertised by Ken Bates? How did this shop get here from its original location in a suburban Belgian railway station? Who is Muginoho? And 1952, really?


10 responses to “Great Foods of London No 1: Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs

  1. Yeah, I’ve passed this place loads of times and never tried a cream puff.

    Also have you ever noticed that the outside of the shop smells like cheese?

  2. I had noticed a cheesy whiff, but assumed that was just another of Oxford Street’s numerous special smells.

    I feel I should try a cream puff because one day it will be gone.

  3. I don’t know whether they are fresh or natural, but they don’t taste like it. The best bet for sweet sustenance within a 100-yard radius remains the chocolate-tinted bread-and-butter pudding occasionally offered at Malletti.

  4. I think he may be Japanese – I saw quite a few of them in Indonesia. And I wouldn’t bother trying them – quite a disappointment

  5. Beard Papa’s is a big chain in Japan, hence the green tea flavour cream option, green tea beverages etc. They’re actually pretty good! (‘n fresh)

    Oxford St ones were up to the Japanese standard last I checked…

  6. Also cream puffs are otherwise known as choux creams

  7. I passed it, tried it and really liked it. God knows if the puffs are fresh, but they are fairy light and quite yummy, I thought.

  8. I have never noticed this place or I am sure I’d have gone in- they sound too weird to miss!

  9. If the related post from the USA is anything to go by, they’re glutenfree!

  10. Try before ! they are awesome. The puff itself is a dry stuff but that is how it is. The cream inside is the awesome one, i could eat glasses of it. Yes it is very sweet, so not for everybody’s taste. I though it was quiet unhealthy but after i found the recipe and did a pretty close version at home, i realized it is not that bad. of course eggs ans and cream, but no dodgy ingredients. Do try them !! the cooky puff are the best. They are not in oxford street anymore though, i think they moved to coven garden

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